The Company

KUKAAUTO ELECTRONIC was established in 1978 in Sale Marasino (Brescia, Italy), a pretty little town on the banks of Lake Iseo, and originally designed and produced level sensors.

In 1990 it branched out into pressure sensors and started to manufacture pressure switches and vacuum switches.

In the nineties the company considerably extended its range of products to include temperature sensors, thermostats and vacuum switches, speed and rotation sensors and, lastly, flow meters.

Pressure switch

The management of technological processes in any field of activity, such as in the manufacturing or automotive industry, requires control of the pressure of the fluids that operate the system. This requires associating a particular pressure value, which is important for the system, to an electrical signal, for instance to run a machine cycle or indicate a particular situation (leaks, alarms, etc.). These operations can be controlled using a kind of pressure sensor, called a pressure switch, that is set to suit the particular application.

Temperature sensors

KUKAAUTO offers single-pole thermostats with bimetal disc and quick opening contact, available in various configurations.
The cut-in temperature and differential may vary, depending on the specific application.
Cut-in temperatures are controlled with the minimum electric load in the contact circuit.
Main applications: temperature control in hydraulic systems, radiators, heat exchangers, lubrification system, etc.

Level sensors

We design and manufacture level gauges with an on/off signal and a continuous signal. For further details, refer to the section entitled Operating Principles in this catalogue.

If you have any queries or wish to know more about our products, please contact our Sales or Engineering Department. Piloted electrical load

Flow switches

Flow measurement is the quantification of bulk fluid movement. It can be measured in a variety of ways. Banna offers a wide range of flow measurement products: electromagnetic flow meter, positive displacement flow meter, paddle flow switch, piston flow switch, thermal flow switch(sensor), turbine flow meter and vortex flow meter.