Level sensors


We design and manufacture level gauges with an on/off signal and a continuous signal. For further details, refer to the section entitled Operating Principles in this catalogue.

If you have any queries or wish to know more about our products, please contact our Sales or Engineering Department. Piloted electrical load

The electrical features of the contacts are shown in the specifications for each series of sensors. The maximum pilotable charges refer to resistive loads. With non-resistive loads, it is advisable to protect the contact with appropriate safety circuits. Shock and vibration

The contact of the sensor may get damaged if subjected to shock or excessive vibration.

Electromagnetic interference In electromagnetic models, since the contact is operated by a magnetic force, the sensor must not be installed near strong magnetic fields, e.g. an electric motor or fluorescent light, or less than 50 mm from ferromagnetic walls.

CE marking All our products are designed and built in compliance with EC directives and regulations, and bear the CE marking

Plastic electromagnetic Metal electromagnetic Eectromechanical Resistive